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    Access Control & Security in Ireland

    SETBR21/354 Roger Technology Electromechanical Underground Kit

    Product Code: SETBR21/354 Electromechanical Underground Kit
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    Set BR21/354  Roger Technology Electromechanical underground brushless motor kit

    Low Voltage

    Super intensive use

    Native Encoder on board

    Irreversible ideal for swing gates up to 4.5 m

    Standard version comes with 2m cable

    Kit Comprises:-

    2 x BR21/351 - 36V motors
    2 x FU101 - Hot galvanised foundation box and lid
    2 x RL650 - standard Release
    1 x KIT Edge1/20 - electronic kit
                                         1 x Edge1/BOX - digital 36V controller with plastic box
                                         1 x H93/RX22A/I - plus-in 2 channel receiver
                                         2 x Synus/2 - dual code transmitters
                                         1 x R90/F4ES - pair of external photocells (max 4 pairs)
                                         1 x Fifthy/24 - LED flashing light with integrated antenna
                                         1 x R99/C/001 - Signboard "Automatic Opening"